Dzharylgach Island

Eight kilometers offshore Skadovsk there is a unique island of Dzharylgach with its clean sandy beaches and mineral springs. Its area of 56 square km and length of 42 km make it the Black Sea’s biggest island. Right in the middle of the island there is a fresh water spring, and more than four hundred small salty lakes are scattered all over its territory. The unique flora and fauna of Dzharylgach have been well preserved and make up a beautiful natural landscape. It is a habitat for wild boars, deer, moufflons, as well as numerous seagulls and cormorants hunting crabs, rapa whelks and shrimp.

In fact, Dzharylgach is a large spit whose narrow western part is often flooded by the sea waters, and hence the word ‘island’ in its name.

You can easily get there by ships, numerous motor boats, yachts or large catamarans which are always at your disposal on the moorage. On your short voyage to Dzharylgach you will enjoy watching the dolphins often accompanying ships on their way to and from the island.

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